Thoughts and Musings

Local search, mobile and the technophobic client

Google estimates 20% of searches are now related to location. With the growth of mobile web search and map-based apps, small businesses can’t afford to miss out on the chance to get themselves found online.

An Icon A Day – But Not Boring Ones

Who doesn’t love a good icon repository? Not me I say. Icotrip is pumping out an icon a day, but not your usual fare; lego zombies, broken space invaders and decapitated Twitter birds all find a home there.

Free Minimal WordPress Theme for 2011

Tycho is a free WordPress theme I’m making available that’s ideal either as a minimal blog theme, or as a developer’s starter theme for designing your own look.

WordPress Sample Content Resources

When you’re developing a new WordPress theme, whether it be for a client project or a something you plan to release as a free or premium theme, it’s always a good idea to test against some dummy content that includes a variety of posts, pages, categories and navigational structure.

The Hottest Chilli in the World

Naga Jolokia, also know as the ‘ghost chilli’, is widely considered the hottest chilli known to man.

Renewable Energy for Cornwall site launched

Last Summer the Renewable Energy Office for Cornwall asked me to provide a website for them incoporating a CMS for making regular updates, and that would allow people to register as members and become paid contributors of the group.

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