Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things people ask me when starting a new project.
If you have any other questions, please contact me.

How much?

Let's get this one out the way first. There's two ways to look at having a website built for your business - you can view it as an unavoidable cost, or as a wise investment.

By considering your website as an investment in the future success of your business, and hiring someone who does the job with your future success in mind, you'll be making the first step in your website being a source of ongoing return on your investment.

I aim to be a valuable contributor to your business, who helps you succeed for months and years to come. So when we create a website together, I take the time and care to get it right, and to be there to help you grow. I've been with a lot of my clients for several years, because they know they can trust me to do not just what they need, but continue to help improve their business.

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to. I get that, and will work with the budget you have. Projects are estimated on an individual basis according to complexity and goals, but generally start around £2500.

How long will it take?

If you need Facebook for Dogs built by the end of next week, sorry it's not going to happen. Good work takes planning and time.

You should probably allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the start of your project to produce a launch ready website. Some projects will take longer, but if you have a deadline to meet, we'll work together to make sure everything happens when you need it to.

Do you just do WordPress websites?

For most clients, WordPress is a fantastic platform that's flexible, easy to use and maintain. With 7 years of WordPress experience, I've found it to be an ideal fit for many different types of website and business.

I highly recommend Shopify for eCommerce-based websites, and offer full design and development services for the platform. Seriously, check it out for free, it's better than WooCommerce if the core of your site needs to just sell products, effectively and without hassle. Shopify is the easiest to use eCommerce service around, as well as being rock-solid secure, and building you a site on it makes my life easier because it's smart in letting you design your shop any way you like. I could make money from affiliate linking to it here but I don't, I just think it's better. It's a free trial, give it a spin!

Like any designer/developer worth their salt, I continue to work on as many varied projects, platforms and new technologies as possible. If you have user interface or web application development requirements, get in touch. I currently have a lot of fun with Ruby on Rails (development) and iOS (design) and expect to get quite excited by Swift (iOS development) once it's settled down a bit. I'm not afraid of a bit of Objective-C or spaghetti PHP either. If this means nothing to you, just contact me about your WordPress project and we'll never speak of it again.

I see some web-type people describing themselves as 'design ninjas' or 'programming rockstars'. Are you as good as them?

Not for me to say. I'm a designer, developer and general all-round web know-it-all, but also a husband, father, and a business owner. I'm also 37, and would feel a little daft describing myself as a ninja or rockstar of anything. I like to work with people who take their business seriously, but not themselves.

What are your qualifications then?

Like many working in a fast-moving web industry that outpaces education, I'm self-taught and continually learning new skills.

I do have a very decent degree in Sociology and Psychology, which is something you might find surprisingly useful when it comes to creating a website to encourage others to use your product or service.

OK. I still don't know much about you though, are you trustworthy? Also, there's not a lot of graphics on this page.

When we start talking about a project, we'll phone / email / Skype, so we can be sure we'll work well together towards a common goal. I aim for long-term relationships with my clients, and encourage a bullshit-free relationship from the start.

Here's a picture of my dog eating my favourite pair of trainers.

Fred vs Gazelles

What happens once you start? Am I still involved?

I involve you and invite feedback at every stage. A successful website is a result of collaboration between you (who knows your business inside out) and me (who will make the website meet your goals).

Who The Heck?

Luke Burford

Hello, I'm Luke Burford. I've been a web designer and developer for 10 years, moving from London to beautiful Bude, Cornwall sometime in between. I've helped hundreds of clients build better websites, from one-person businesses to global companies.

If you have a web project you can contact me. You can also sign up to the mailing list for my occasional free newsletter on useful, practical web advice for your business.